Engine rebuilding service


The proof is in our videos.

Graham 217.8, Kaiser Frazer 226 and Continental Variants Engine Rebuilding Service

We rebuild all ODF these related engines. If you would like to see an in depth overview of what we do, you can view it on Carz Plus on Youtube at the following link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjAzXjnyq-eGoVxGPPxmQHw?view_as=subscriber 

Then, go to playlists and select Graham Supercharged Engne Overhaul Series.


The difference is in the details.

We provide complete rebuilding services for these 1936 - 1941 Graham engines, and Continental variants of the original Graham engines manufactured through the 1990s. Services include parts procurement, cylinder boring and refinishing, valve work, valve guides, valve seats, valve jobs, rod refurbishment, crankshaft work, bearings, cosmetics, block and head surfacing, data plates, cam shaft work, oil pan repair, gasket manufacture, final assembly, fuel pump rebuilds, carburetor work, supercharger restoration and all items associated with these engines.


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The engine covered in out video series would cost approximately $2500.00 plus shipping including all parts, procedures and assembly. Prices range from that area up depending on your engine's needs. Call us to discuss your particular engine restoration.

We have nearly 30 years experience with these engines.