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Graham Superchargers


 Contrary to common belief, the Sharknose Graham Supercharger is not a piece of early speed equipment regardless of who makes the claim. 

Designed and Built by Graham


The Graham Supercharger was designed and built by Graham. It is not a copy of the Duesenberg units. Much of the design work was done by Graham engineer Floyd F. Kishline, as well as, other Graham-Paige engineers.

Graham - The Leader in Superchargers


 Graham was the largest (by number of units manufactured) producer of Superchargers for automotive use until Buick surpassed them in the 1990s.

The First Graham Supercharger


The Graham Supercharger was initially introduced in 1934 on Graham eight cylinder engines. It was later adapted to Graham's own 6 cylinder engines.

For Graham Supercharged Engines Only


The Supercharger is designed for use only on Graham engines. Non-supercharged Graham engines are not drilled or furnished with all oil passages to adapt the supercharger to them.

Supercharged Engine? - How to Tell


Eight cylinder Graham Supercharged engines have the supercharger on the passenger side of the engine with a different mounting system compared to the six cylinder Graham engines. Six cylinder engines have the supercharger mounted on the driver's side of the engine and utilize a cross over tube to feed the intake manifold.

Superchargers Restored to a High Standard

Where we Begin

We restore your Graham Supercharger to a high mechanical and appearance standard. Everything is evaluated after a complete disassembly. New seals, gaskets and other parts are made to bring your Supercharger back to proper Graham-Paige standards. Prices vary depending on the condition and needs of a particular unit. Expect a range of $600 to $1000 for the average Supercharger. Turn around times are 60 days to 120 days depending on availability of parts.

How You Ship Your Supercharger is Critical

Construct a durable plywood shipping crate in which you can securely fasten the supercharger in place. Anything less has resulted in damage to Superchargers when sent via various carriers. We will always ship your Supercharger back in your crate or we will make one if you do not provide one. (Crating is $150.00 extra if we have to make a crate for you.) Shipping is extra at cost.

Supercharger Installation - Use Extreme Caution

Carefully remove the Supercharger from the shipping crate. Use only Aviation Permatex when installing the gasket between the Supercharger and the engine block. Never use silicone on Supercharged engines. When we return your restored Supercharger, it is shipped dry with only assembly lube in it. Prior to installing it be sure that you disconnect the exterior copper oil line and pressure feed oil to the top of the Supercharger. This will lubricate the upper bearing in the Supercharger. Do not unfasten the front nut on the Supercharger input shaft as this will likely cause the Supercharger to leak at the lip seal. Start the engine normally after oiling and Supercharger drive hook up. 


Supercharger Gasket Set

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