Banjo Steering Wheel and Banjo Steering Wheel Restoration for Antique Cars

banjo steering wheel restoration service

Quality steering wheel restoration with attention to detail. Call for a quote. Please be sure to watch our 2-part YouTube video:

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Door Sill Embelishments


1938 - 1940 Door Sill Trim

Spirit of Motion Aluminium Door Sill Trim $500.00 for Combination Coupe and 2 Door Sedans, $600.00 for 4 Door Sedans.


Door Scuff Plates

That is the term used by Graham-Paige for the door sill trim pieces. All cars produced with the custom equipment group were supposed to be equipped with them.

Special Tooling

We created special tooling to allow us to recreate these parts for Graham Spirit of Motion cars. Our tooling faithfully represents actual door sill trim or scuff plates we found on a California parts car we bought years ago from the late Bill Albright of Fontana, CA.


Each part is made from 6063 aluminium sheet and then hardened and seasoned prior to polishing. Finally we apply graphics with laser-cut masking to exactly replicate Grahams detailing on these parts in black paint as per our original factory samples.

Custom Made

Each set is made to order after an order is received. Due to the hardening and seasoning of the parts it takes at least 3 months to get these after your order is received. A 50% deposit which is non-refundable is required to start production. The balance plus shipping is required prior to shipment.

Final fitting

All parts are produced long and must be hand fit to your car. Cars made in the 1930s have a much wider tolerance than modern cars and hence you must do the final end cuts and fitting to your vehicle for a proper fit.

The Libby Owens Label


Libby Owens Ford Emblem

All glass on 1938-1941 Graham cars was manufactured by Libby Owens Ford (LOF). These emblems appear on the inside of the lower left of each glass window on the car. 


The Right LOF for Your Car

We have produced the correct date codes of 10-0-38 and 12-0-38 as laser-cut masks. We can create other dates for a set up charge of $25.00 plus the base $10.00 mask charge. 

Simple Instructions

Sufficient masks for an entire car are included. Simply apply the masks to the lower left inside portion of your windows as viewed from the outside of the vehicle. Next use an air eraser, miniature sand blaster, to etch the glass with aluminium oxide as an abrasive. We suggest practicing on scrap glass first. 

Finish off by removing the masks for a perfect reproduction.

Other Dates

We can make other custom dates if your car has other date coding on the glass. Please provide a clear photo and the exact date you need. An additional charge of $25.00 is required for set up.

All Glass

All window glass on Spirit of Motion cars caries date coding.

Neat Fact:

Ray Graham was on the board of  Libby Owens Ford (LOF) during the 1930's. Hence, Graham used LOF glass!

The Perfect Lens


Dome Light Lens $150.00

Spirit of Motion cars were equipped with a dome light lens that looks like a shield. The Graham motif was based on knights in shining armor. That motif is noticeable with the dome light lens is shaped like a knight's shield. Our replications are made from Lucite on a special Aluminium form that gives a perfect reproduction of the original. They are painted on the inside in the correct color to match originals in appearance. (Most cars have incorrect replacements fitted as the originals warped badly over time.) 


Dome Lens

These lenses include two dimpled holes in the sides for the installation of round head single blade chrome machine screws to hold the dome lens to an original graham dome light base. The screws are not included. A good source for screws is Gardner-Westcott. Find them on the web.

Original Plastic:

Late 1930's original plastic was beautiful when made, but awful in ability to last. Most people have never seen original Graham dome light lenses. We have some, but they are very much unusable. Our recreations are based on measuring these and Graham dome light bases for a perfect fit.

An Interesting Fact:

The 1930's were really tough on car companies. Many times what was shown in the brochure or listed as a specification does not match the cars as produced. Could Graham have used old dome light lenses at times? Maybe. The did it with door handles on 1938 models. Check out car radios in the 1930's. You will find times that unmolested radios include capacitors that far exceed the schematic requirements. It sure looks like they might have used what was on hand!

Windshield Wiper Tower Bases


Windshield Wiper Gaskets $25/2

Windshield Wiper Tower Gaskets $25.00 per set of 2 


Installation Instructions

The wiper towers on 1938-1940 Graham Spirit of Motion cars are unique and need well fitting gaskets. Is is possible to make these from straight generic material, but they will crack and fail quickly. We have reproduced the correct part as a one piece urethane rubber part. We provide a set of 2 for your car. They fit exactly. We suggest sealing them with clear silicone as a further guarantee against any possible leak on installation.

Compatible With These Grahams

1938, 1939 and 1940 Spirit of Motion Graham Model 97. (Not compatible with Hollywood Grahams.)

For the Spirit of Motion Steering Column


Steering Column Base Grommet $30

Spirit of Motion Steering Column Base Grommet: $30.00 Unit fits all steering column shift equipped Spirit of Motion cars.

Steering column base grommet includes a formed spring retainer. The unit installs in about 2 minutes as shown in our photo. It is an exact copy of a refurbished original Graham part.


Graham Steering Box Gasket


For Use in 1939 Model 97 $12

Accurately reproduced precision gaskets fabricated with laser-cutting technology. These are for use in steering box covers for Graham Spirit of Motion vehicles.  Price 12.00, including shipping inside the U.S.

How to Install:

Use Aviation Permatex, number 2 non-hardening gasket sealer. 


Transmission Gaskets


Warner Gear T-88 Transmission Front Shaft Gasket & Side Shift Rail Gasket $15

Accurately reproduced precision gaskets fabricated with laser-cutting technology. These are for use in Graham Spirit of Motion vehicles, Models 96, 97, 107, 108.

Price: $15.00 including shipping inside the U.S.

How to Install:

Use Aviation Permatex, number 2 non-hardening gasket sealer. 


supercharger crossover tube gasket


Installs Dry $10

Fits all 6 cylinder Graham supercharged cars.

Price $10.00 including shipping inside the U.S. 

Please Note: We have information about supercharger gaskets on the supercharger restoration page. 


Supercharger-to-engine block gasket


Istall with Aviation Permatex $12

Fits all 6 cylinder Graham supercharged cars. 

Price: $12.00 includes shipping inside the U.S.

graham radio data plate


For Model 97 Radios $25

Appropriate for Graham Spirit of Motion preselect radio. $25.00 includes shipping in the U.S.

Additional Graham Parts


Photos coming soon.

 1938-1941 Graham Engine data plate $60.00

 1938-1940 Graham Spirit of Motion body plate $40.00 

 1938-1940 Graham Spirit of Motion floor data plate $60.00